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Welcome! My name is Joe Maiocco.*
I’m from the muddy banks of the Three Rivers (Pittsburgh, PA).

*Pronounced: may•AWE•co. I know, the three consecutive vowels.

Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve been fortunate to work with a great many remarkable businesses and if you’re here exploring my website, perhaps we can talk about adding your organization to that list.

As a designer and design director, I’ve worked with everyone from record labels and talented artists to nonprofits and entrepreneurs, and even the Department of Defense.

The high school Art Club president version of me would be kind of amazed, but probably not entirely surprised. There have been a lot of late nights and plenty of hard work, along with a whole lot of loving what I do. I take pride in helping others achieve their dreams, hence my tagline: “Believe in something beautiful.”

Since graduating from Pittsburgh Technical College in 2007, I’ve built a solid career within diverse ad agencies and entrepreneur spaces. I’ve helped create memorable and results-oriented campaigns for a wide range of clients while ensuring that their audiences really engage with their marketing. I truly believe in the power of simplicity and I strive for my work to leave a lasting impression.

I’m always excited to sit down with a team, roll-up my sleeves and encourage everyone around me to dive into new and exciting possibilities. To achieve results you have to be passionate, driven and willing to leverage the abilities of your entire team.

In my spare time, I love to mentor up-and-coming designers and donate my time to nonprofits. You’ll constantly see me recommending new music releases or catching up on my everlasting library of books. Also, on the rare occasion you can’t get a hold of me, there’s a reason: I’m temporarily out of cell phone range while hunting and fishing. Sometimes you just need to find that cove on a lake and get lost in a beautiful sunset and the sounds of nature.

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Agency History

I’m currently an Art Director at Smith Brothers Agency. Smith Brothers is located in the North Shore of Pittsburgh, PA. Our agency exists for one purpose only – to help clients break out of their sales doldrums by eschewing the conventions of the categories in which they play.

Previously, I served at VIQTORY. During my time with VIQTORY, I’ve led design and marketing teams that link the military community and the private sector. My team and I have taken great pride in the work we’ve done. With very small departments, we’ve developed programs that have changed federal laws, improved corporate practices and created advocacy for military families and programs that have been adopted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Prior to VIQTORY, I was hired to help shape and develop the design department for Spindle Publishing, a company that specialized in lifestyle content for several age demographics.

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Community and Achievements

  • Member of Pittsburgh Technical College’s Graphic Design Advisory Board.
  • Member of the Society of Publication Designers.
  • Guest judge for Pittsburgh’s chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Artists annual student award showcase.
  • 2018 Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Award Winner (Lifestyle Content).
  • Obtained a certificate of leadership through Neptune Companies’ Leadership Program.
  • Received Pittsburgh Technical College’s Richard Caliguiri Renaissance Award (Valedictorian).
  • Graduated with Presidential Honors (4.0 GPA).
  • Perfect Attendance Awards, Pittsburgh Technical College, all quarters.


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My sincere and deepest graditute goes out to anyone who has asked me to put my thumbprint on one of their projects. You mean the world to me, and I wouldn’t be able to do this if it wasn’t for your support.


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