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About Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC)

Located right outside of Pittsburgh, PA (Oakdale), PTC has been providing over 75 years of career education that’s as real and relevant as it gets. PTC’s track record of a 93% in-field placement rate, required internships and academic rigor with practical, hands-on learning, sets up their students for career success like no other.


“It’s Not In Here” Campaign Objective

The campaign my team created boldly show what makes PTC unique and why they’re the right college at the right time. It’s was time to create advertising that helped PTC stand out among their competitors in a way that gets people talking, and touring, and enrolling. And make staff, faculty and students proud of their college.

Campaign Idea: PTC gives its students everything they need to succeed—and nothing they don’t. Sometimes the best way to describe what you are is to also say what you are not.

Case Study Components
Ad Campaign, Video, Web Design
Type of Work
Agency - Smiths Agency & Foothold Studios
Joe Maiocco (Art Director), Bronson Smith (Co-Chief Creative Officer: Visual), Cathy Bowen (Creative Director: Copy), Dan Finegold (Producer), Zack Eisenfeld (Assistant Producer), David Kelly (Photographer)

PTC - Bogus Internships

PTC - Greek Week

PTC - Marching Band

PTC - Phys Ed

PTC Greek Week
PTC Internships
PTC Marching Band
PTC Website
See for yourself, visit PTC’s Website.

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