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About MSA

Established in 1914, MSA Safety is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people under the most intense situations. Their product lines support the fire industry from head-to-toe. From your firehouse favorites to next-generation style; you’ll be protected in the best possible way.


Case Study Components
Video, Campaign Launches - Print, Web, Social Media, Monthly Social Media
Type of Work
Agency - Smiths Agency & Foothold Studios
Joe Maiocco (Art Director), Craig Seder (Executive Creative Director: Visual), Cathy Bowen (Creative Director: Copy), Alexa Ryzinski (Associate Creative Director: Copy), Zack Eisenfeld (Producer), Lyndsay Tkacik (Project Manager), Tamara Wolf (Project Manager), Nathan Doverspike (Graphic Designer)
MSA Safety

Product Highlight Video

This video features MSA’s entire product line. The goal is for people to understand that MSA makes head-to-toe products to keep firefighters safe. This video is showcased in their owned media and featured throughout all their trade booth display monitors.

How It’s Made: Globe Boots 

In 2017, Globe was acquired by MSA to continue its mission of fire safety. Globe specializes in advanced innovation within personal protective equipment (PPE). This video shares a glimpse into what goes into making the best footwear in fire safety.

FDIC International Event 

MSA is a leading sponsor for every FDIC International event. This event offers thousands of Fire & Rescue professionals worldwide the most innovative products available to the industry (with over 800 exhibiting companies). My team’s job was to ensure that MSA was the leading vendor within the event space via floor, video, and outdoor displays.

Main Video Display

My team created a looping video display at the heart of their event space. The video featured MSA’s entire connective firefighter platform. It also had to utilize two oversize screens. The first screen is a profile view, and the second is overhead. These displays helped create an immersive experience that guided all foot traffic to the center of their event display floor.


LUNAR is a handheld, wireless device to help keep a crew connected when it matters most, in the most unpredictable situations. LUNAR can be used by every firefighter on-scene, on or off-air, and is equipped with Firefighting Assisting Search Technology (F.A.S.T), edge detection enhanced thermal imaging, and connectivity to provide an “all in one” safety solution.

The launch of the device included print ads, social posts, and website landing pages.

Lunar 2
Lunar 3

Landing Page Design

Every product innovation comes with a landing page design. These designs are based around the capabilities within MSA’s current website CMS.

MSA Landing Pages

Social Media

Since February 2020, I’ve executed all social assets for MSA fire (North America) and Globe social accounts. To view some samples of the work, visit:

MSA Fire’s Instagram

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