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Serving military families through love and support.

About Sesame Street

Not many people know this, but Sesame Street has long been a best friend to military families. Their lovable characters provide reassuring stability and entertaining lessons to children across the world. This is especially important to our military children, since as many as 700,000 children under the age of 5 have a parent in the military.


Campaign Objective

Sesame Street and Military Spouse partnered together to help launch the release of their new resource site “” The goal of this campaign was to help spread the news of the free resources Sesame Street provides to military families. Topics include deployment resources, PCS tools, self-expression, homecomings and even tips on handling grief. 

Challenge: How do you blend Sesame Street and the military community in a way that relates to a very serious community space? 

Simple, you have to remember to speak from the heart. During this campaign development, it was critical to keep the military aspect of the campaign only in the copywriting. I donated my time to work with Sesame Street on a series of ads that helped showcase their site. With a ton of photoshop work (and a lot of smiles) we created a heartfelt campaign that truly connected with military families.

Case Study Components
Ad Campaign, Copywriting, Editorial
Type of Work
Agency & Freelance
Sesame Workshop - PR team, Military Spouse Team, Joe Maiocco (Art Director)

Ad Campaign

I worked with Sesame Street on a shot reel for the series of ads. From there, I created image masks for every character so they could be transported on any document and easily be used for others within their image library. I wanted to speak from the heart and keep the ads very minimalistic to reflect Sesame Street’s use of white space.

Sesame street Hug Ad Maiocco Design Co.
Sesame Street Tough Challenges Ad
Sesame Street Military Family Ad
Sesame Street Changes Ad
Sesame Street H is for Holiday Ad
Sesame Street Holiday Season Ad
Sesame Street Oscar Holiday Ad
Sesame Street Season of Lights Ad

Military Spouse Magazine Editorial Layout

The Military Spouse team featured their new campaign in our 2015 December issue. The coverage was pushed out through digital, social and community events. The main goal of the editorial coverage was to inform the military community about the support resources that are offered. Second, to showcase the USO live shows Sesame Street puts together for the military community. Finally, we helped promote the announcement of a new character named Julia. Julia is a female character that is diagnosed with autism. Considering that autism is more commonly diagnosed in boys, a female character helps eliminate the misconceptions that only boys may be diagnosed with autism. 

Looking for a fresh perspective on your next ad campaign? I can help! Let’s be kids again and sketch some new creative ideas.

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