Neptune Companies

Navigating the high seas while educating new hires.


About Neptune Companies

Neptune Companies is the parent company of VIQTORY and M2V. Neptune specializes in connecting people to new career opportunities (primarily in the military marketspace). They do this by applying advertising and workforce development technologies inorder to attract new hires.


Campaign Objective

The goal of this project was to establish the core identity of the parent company, while educating new hires about the underpinnings of company culture and the functions of  each brand. The project also aimed to showcase all of the HR practices in a fun and unique way.

The military market is portrayed as being very serious. But does the private sector have to be?

New hires can be overwhelmed by the amount of military information they need to learn. They also may worry about how strict these markets can be. Neptune’s Human Relations department asked my team to bring more of a welcoming presence to the brand, while maintaining a strong, authoritative tone.

Case Study Components

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Stationary
  • Company Website Design
  • 72-page Company Handbook
  • Apparel and Accessory Designs


The Results

Visit the end of the case study for the results. If you don’t have time, click here and you will be magically transported (faster than being swept away by a tidal wave). 

Case Study Components
Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Print Collateral
Type of Work
Agency - Neptune Companies
Joe Maiocco (Lead Art Director), Mike Asper (Associate Art Director), Chris Hale (CEO), JoAnn Conner (VP Finance & Admin), Christine Bench (HR Manager)

Brand Identity Development

The company’s founders all having extensive histories with the Navy; My team came up with the concept of using the Greek God Neptune as the company mascot. We wanted to keep the identity very clean and corporate since Neptune Companies’ communication is primarily with the military, political and Fortune 500 clients. The suttle alteration of the “E” turns the end of the wordmark into a trident. The external-facing presence consists primarily of the wordmark and the trident icon treatments. The imagery of Neptune is for internal HR use only.

Neptune comes in many hues, but he has his standards. Wouldn’t you, if you’re a Greek God?

Neptune can easily put on a show by causing whirlpools, tsunamis and fierce storms. Needless to say, we stick with some fancy stationery…

Company Website

The goal of the company website was to briefly showcase the mission of Neptune Companies. Neptune Companies is a partent company of a bunch of other divisions. It’s primary focus is to support its subsidiary companies from a strategic, corporate development, finance, HR and IT perspective. All of our outgoing communication is primarly sent through the subsidiary companies, so the Neptune site was needed for legal purposes and to establish a presense for senior leaders who represent the parent company. 

Company Handbook

The goal of the company handbook was to help the HR department better communicate the companies’ core beliefs, policies and improve retention with communication updates. The Greek God Neptune is used throughout the company’s employee handbook to provide a breath of fresh “sea air” for new hires while they digest the company’s policies during the onboarding process. We figured that in the world of strict military regiments, we could finally have a good laugh and relax. Being able to keep our employees laughing allowed them to further grasp the material they needed to understand. 

Neptune Companies’ Core Beliefs drive every aspect of the organization (and the heavy seas).

Apparel and Accessory Designs

Who doesn’t have a little office swag to help show some pride within their companies? Besides, we all strive for our own branded coffee cup. Well, at lease I do…

Neptune doesn’t like it when you call him “Totes McGoats.”

The only soul who gets to travel the open seas without an ID is the big grey statue.


Was Neptune willing to calm the seas and restore order to daily operations? You bet ya!

Neptune Companies' Improved Culture Icon
Improvement In Culture

Not only did this branding outshine the other divisions, but it has greatly increased morale, creativity, and positivity within Neptune Companies.

Neptune Companies Adoption Icon
Quicker Comprehension Times

HR reports that new hires are understanding practices and operations at a higher rate. The employee handbook has been keeping new and current hires engaged more effectively than the previous source material.

Neptune Companies Third Party Approval Icon
Third Party Approval

Senior leaders reported amazing feedback with their outgoing communications. From other companies in the private sector to military senior leaders, the new Neptune Companies’ brand identity holds the course.

Is your company looking to refresh their identity? Let’s talk! Preferably over dinner. But please, no seafood, I had my fair share of the open waters to last me a while…

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